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[News or Reviews] Kamasi Washington / Leon Bridges Sideman Joshua Crumbly Steps Out on His Own with ‘Rise’

Although bassist Joshua Crumbly has had quite the success as a sideman, collaborating and touring with the likes of Kamasi Washington, Leon Bridges, Lizz Wright, Ravi Coltrane and Anthony Wilson, this hasn-t led him to stray away from telling his own personal narrative. Crumbly takes that confident leap with his debut solo album, Rise, proving not

[News or Reviews] Dijon Hones His Genre-Bending Mix of R&B and Folk on ‘How Do You Feel About Getting Married?’

Baltimore-bred German-American R&B singer Dijon began making music at the University of Maryland after meeting his musical collaborator, Abhi Raju. Now residing in Los Angeles, the singer has lined up his second solo project, How Do You Feel About Getting Married? In 2019, Dijon carved a unique lane for himself on Sci Fi 1, his debut

[News or Reviews] James Irwin Gets Back to His Cosmic Country Roots on ‘Stars Blue Wheel’

James Irwin-s fourth album, Stars Blue Wheel, is haunting and sombre, but fights tooth and nail to find the light. The multi-talented Toronto-via-Montreal artist, who-s been known to travel down the lo-fi electro road, pares his sound down for the self-recorded Stars Blue Wheel, going back to his folksy roots with nine pedal-steel-soaked ballads. The cosmic

[News or Reviews] Charli XCX’s "Quarantine Album" ‘how i’m feeling now’ Captures Our Desperate Times

Charli XCX-s music is best when it sounds like it-s hurtling recklessly from the internet-s depths, synthetic bursts of scrambled emotion. Her 2019 full-length Charli was a solid outing, but it suffered from its polish – it felt too considered, too glossy. how i-m feeling now, her caustic new “quarantine album,” corrects that with a

[News or Reviews] Sleaford Mods Stick Together Career Highlights and Unreleased Gems on ‘All That Glue’ Compilation

After scoring their first Top 10 hit in the UK with their 2019 record Eton Alive, it only made sense for the Nottingham-based art-punk duo Sleaford Mods to release a compilation to let new fans catch up with the history of the band. Characterized by vocalist Jason Williamson-s political lyrics (dealing with working class life