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[News or Reviews] Xibalba Commit to Their Unique Metal Sound on ‘Años en Infierno’

For 13 years, Xibalba have weathered through trends of the hardcore and metal world without compromising any facet of their sound: pummelling low-end grooves, tough hardcore breakdowns (before they were cool), growling vocals that show no mercy, absolutely rotten death metal riffs. On Años en Infierno (“Years in Hell”), the Southern California outfit continue to

[News or Reviews] Reunited CanRock Heroes Sleepless Nights Improve Upon Their Legacy with ‘Every Word Is a Trap’

Sleepless Nights- star burned bright in the late aughts, before the band-s 2009 disillusion. Yet the band-s legend – at least on Canada-s East Coast – never truly dimmed, as its rotating members continued to shine on their own, including group mastermind AA Wallace-s turn as a synth pop artist. 

A spat of shows in

THE 1975 – NOTES ON A CONDITIONAL FORM [News or Reviews]

Straddling the line between hooky dance‐rock and vintage adult contemporary sophistication, Britain’s the 1975 found massive success in the 2010s with their distinctively arty, if still undeniably mainstream, pop aesthetic. Showcasing lead singer Matt Healy’s croon, they built a loyal following with their extroverted live performances and buzzed‐about 2012 single “Sex.” The track was included in their

[News or Reviews] Royal Canoe Innovate with Instruments Made of Ice on Live EP ‘Glacial’

As artistic mediums have changed and mutated, so has our curiosity expanded and indulged in the unimaginable and the uninhibited. Royal Canoe have embraced this with fervour, brazenly experimenting with and pushing boundaries that reimagine what sound can do. Their new EP, Glacial, was recorded live and outdoors at the Forks in Winnipeg at the end of

[News or Reviews] Died Harness Fear to Make Profoundly Universal Statements on ‘Less Life’

For many people, fear is the brain-s short circuit. As an emotional response, it operates through a sinister circular logic, manifesting as a crippling sense of anxiety and indecision — experienced as vicious internal questioning and second-guessing of one-s choices — which, in turn, only serves to heighten and produce more fear. On their debut

[News or Reviews] Noah Reid’s ‘Gemini’ Is Warm and Familiar — and Not Just Because You Know Him from ‘Schitt’s Creek’

The title of Noah Reid-s sophomore album, Gemini, is a catch-all for his dualities. Reid, whose astrological sign is Gemini, splits his time between acting (most recently he played Patrick on CBC-s Schitt-s Creek) and being a musician. A collision of his artistic pursuits is on the album-s cover by way of the recasted Gemini